Whys? Hows?…and the whole balderdash

After a long while, I felt like writing something here…that too…something that ain’t a concrete post as such, but, oh well!


I tried to take this question apart quite a few times, tear into bits and pieces and make sense of it. But nayy, I don’t think I succeeded.

The question as such is pretty basic, why at all do we watch television, apart from the entertainment quotient, what keeps us continue watching it, having our brains grilled, barbecued and seasoned no doubt with all the pretty toppings (ain’t that like TRAPPINGS) and some sauce and mustard on the side. What gives! Why the hell do we keep consuming television fare, whether we like it or not and hope for a better piece of action, go to forums, discuss it, think over it, give feedback.

I guess, some’d say, “pal, you got lot of time on your hands and you just wanna put it good use.” Good Use?? Really!

I doubt it even starts or ends there. I guess it’s got a lot to do with us trying to find something to do, and find something of meaning in every mundane things, that keeps us going day after day after day after…you get the drift, right!


How very inventive of us? How intelligent? How utterly disgusting that we appoint ourselves judge and jury?,,,and how lame of them that they fall prey to this oft-repeated saga of bludgeoning and brain-numbing phenomena of delivery by the dint of their divine protocols. Well, I didn’t make that statement to make sense, I just made it cause I got caught up in own drabble and sort of loved to hear my own voice. Well, if you didn’t think I was mocking myself or not being cynical or sarcastic then you got another thing coming your way, sort of none lesser than a verbal volley of vitriol and vile. Nough said.

The Whole Balderdash

The pulp is in the fiction or the fiction is in the pulp? Feed that brain more pulp and sure enough, it’s time for some fiction, or may be, we get to be fiction, yeah? Yeah, so!

This blog has sort of served it’s purpose, sort of, written it’s death note.

Aloha! Abrazos! …and that somethings…

Ek Boond Ishq on Life Ok TV: Lost opportunities

There is nothing worse than an opportunity that is lost, and that too several of them. Ek Boond Ishq had several such opportunities to redeem their story and make it unique, instead they stuck to hackneyed plots, glaring holes in storytelling and unnecessary chutzpah just to give themselves some sense of uniqueness.

Clichéd, riddled with glitches, Ek Boond Ishq is no more the best offering that Life Ok TV delivers. That label should go to either Tumhari Paakhi or Gustakh Dil, which pretty much do justice to their strong female protagonists and maintain them with dignity.

They have not made their chief protagonists into cartoon characters nor have they destroyed the unique strength of the characters while trying to create unnecessary drama. Even when characters do evil things, there is logic and reasoning behind it. For example, when Tanya (played by Madhura Naik) tries to throw off Paakhi (played by Shraddha Arya) off the balcony, we see her psychotic behavior that could not handle Anshuman’s rejection (played by Iqbal Khan) and how that had turned her to vile, murderous rage, which is now all lost to reasoning and had driven her insane to the point of killing Paakhi for the sake of a chip that might bring out her truth.

Clearly defined characterization and clear indicators as to why a character has suddenly changed course, and a smart, intelligent female protagonist have maintained a perfect balance in the story, thus allowing for a good, balanced viewer experience.

When Ek Boond Ishq, started out, we did have glaring loopholes like Mrityunjay and Tara not seeing each other despite pulls, pushes and fights between the two that even went almost physical. It was unrealistic and hard to digest for an intelligent viewer, who lost interest though they had waited with anticipation for  the return of Viraf Phiroz Patel, post Mahi Way. The promised “great” storytelling again went out of the window with the return of a dead protagonist and a rehashed plot.

Now there is hardly any viewer interest to sustain the story, sparring a few loyal followers. There is no anticipation nor does the show raise any expectations. What was supposed to be a “clutter-breaker,” unusual show, unique show never seen on Indian TV has now turned into nothing but singularly disappointing fare.

Strengths: A strong cast and supporting cast of performers with good to great acting chops, great title music.
Unconvincing storyline, faulty storytelling/direction, lack of logical flow.
Rating: 3/10
Recommendations: Scope for improvement in cleaning the messy storytelling. Better direction, less of gimmicks.

PS: This is a viewer email we received earlier in the day, today that we are posting – Editor


Chaitra Navratri: Nine Days of the Devi in April

Chaitra Navratri: The Nine Heavenly Days

 April begins with the auspicious days of Navratri. During these days, one worships and honors the nine Avatars (incarnations) of Maa Durga. With FIVE Navratris falling each year, this particular Navratri i.e. Chaitra Navratri is the second widely celebrated one. Let’s discuss the dates of each Navratri of this month, along with the Devi of Each day.

Valhalla Rising

Sort of the coated-in-mud rising reminded me of a similar scene in Valhalla Rising where the lost Viking rises from mud in a similar fashion.

Or even for that matter, Predator, where the hero spent three weeks covered in mud for the climactic battle with the alien.

For that matter, even a recent Tamil movie with Illayathalapathy Vijay had a similar scene where the character played by Vijay camouflaged himself to misdirect the enemies in his guerrilla warfare techniques or as a part of commando manoeuvres.

“Man covered in mud” is also a Television trope used as a standard device.

Covert Vs. Overt

One can play at war any which way; depends on the situation and the strength of the enemy. One can wage an overt war when one has more firepower than the enemy; else it’s best to keep it covert. ~ Sun Tzu, Art of War

Additional Notes to Previous Post: Shiva-Shakti Dynamic @ Play

This is a companion piece to the earlier piece that you can read here: Flying High on Dus Mahavidyas: The Portents of Shakti

Link for mobile users: http://wp.me/p46s54-hS

Her seeming weakness is a veil that hides her real strength. The veil is necessary to find out the firepower of the enemy or opponent. It’s basically a strategy to find out what are the capabilities of the enemy and as to how far they can go and what the weapons they have at their disposal. It’s a technique to expose the enemy’s real strength.

“Flatter to deceive” is a term we see much in vogue in bowling in cricket, well that is one of the traits of the Shaktiscape that she uses this trait to expose her enemies weaknesses and as to what is their limit. Basically, it is a “test of strength” of the enemy in warfare.

When the enemy gloats in their seeming invincibility, she is silently noting down their limits/boundaries/barriers and is drawing lines to bind them within that square so that escape is impossible. Entrapment as it’s best.

“How far can you go for your loved ones?”

Very far.

“Can you give them up?”

Yes, if need be. For their own safety. To protect them from eventual harm and to stop them from becoming collateral damage.

The Ever-Present Shiva

We should never forget that Shiva is omniscient wherever Shakti is and there is no separation of the two. She is Parkruthi and he is Purusha. So, inadvertently, Shiva is around, though may be he needs to be invisible and has to do a roop dharan, just like Lord Shiva became a Chandala to let Adi Sankara know the marma of eternal enlightenment.

So, all those thinking Mrityunjay will not be back, just wait for D-Day. Ek Boond Ishq Unofficial did speak of an Easter rising. May be, we will have it earlier than that, who knows!

PS: The show has strong writing, but may be, we are putting the blame at the wrong place, hope the direction was more subtle and better. Well!

Flying high on Dus Mahavidyas: The portents of Shakti

In the Shaktiscapes that one draws, Ek Boond Ishq seems to heavily rely on the principles and dynamics of the Dus Mahavidyas, with Tara’s character slowly turning into one more alignment with one more Sri Vidya in the Shaktiscape.

Concealment, camouflage, misinformation, misdirection are it’s hallmarks. The “Shakti” does not reveal her power always, she plays helpless and lost. But it’s all MAYA or illusion. She is Mahamaya and she is master of the dark arts too and deception. Though it seems like she is weak and is defeated, it just is the clouds before the rain and it is all her gameplan.

One of the Dus Mahavidyas is the best examples of guerrilla warfare and of how it’s all smoke (Ma Dhuma Devi) and no fire. But it’s like she has spread the mist/fog so much that one cannot drive through it and reach any destination. Only when the mist clears does one see the road. Basically, she has made everything that is visible, invisible just like a magician and when it becomes visible, it must’ve changed shape just like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Entrapment and enchantment while the enemy glories in his victory is it’s goal, while she spreads her power like water under the mat invisibly to finally vanquish the enemy and remove their “naamo-nishaan” or completely uproot the enemy is the agenda or the one-point action point. With this in mind, the devi spreads her hands wide and plays the hands of the enemy against themselves and exposes the invisible evil that they have concealed so far.

It’s like only a needle can take out a thorn; or a bitter pill being a cure, so originally, the enemy has won due to concealing their evil and evil plans with the smoke of goodness and congeniality. To rip open that facade, the goddess chooses concealing her goodness and grace in the guise of a “supposedly” her greed for “power”.

But she is deceiving her real intentions as she is the master of DECEPTION.

In the Dus Mahavidyas, the devi keeps changing her roop from one Vidya to other on a “need basis” for lok kalyan.